The Dominican parish ministry is one of the important, meaningful and relevant apostolate based on the spirituality, charism and apostolate of the Dominican Order. It is rooted on the salvific mission of Jesus Christ, the apostolate of St. Dominic, the apostolic nature of the Order, the expectations of the Universal Church, the thrust of the local church, the dynamism of the priests of the parish and the specific nature of the local parish community. The Dominican parish community integrates the vision, mission and requirements of the local diocese and the apostolic nature of the Dominican Order.

    The Dominican Parish Ministry is unique in the Order and requires a spirituality of a parish priest, specific commitment of a pastor, skills and interest of a pastoral leader, the formation of a Dominican, and the heart of a Shepherd to make the parish community a holy, vibrant, active, concerned and united “family”. The parish ministry is carried out by the community of priests and the responsibility is shared by all. The parish is one participative, collaborative community, comprised of the priests whose role is pastoral, sacramental and apostolic, and the faithful, whose role is organizational, administrative and managerial. They work together as a team to build a human and believing community where God is the center of the community, Eucharist is celebrated in the community and the Word of God is proclaimed to all and service is rendered by the community to all and in particular to the needy within and reaching out to all the people, both spiritually and otherwise. The parish aims at having a united community with diversity of personalities, languages, culture, region, nationalities, etc.

    The Dominican fathers serve in the following Parishes.
    1. The Rosary Parish, Seminary Hills, in the Archdiocese of Nagpur.
    2. St. Dominic’s Church, Vasant Vihar, in the Archdiocese of Delhi.
    3. St. Dominic’s Church, Ashok Nagar, in the Diocese of Mangalore.
    4. Sacred Heart Church, Igatpuri, in the Diocese of Nashik.
    5. Our Lady of Hope, Ghansoli, in the Archdiocese of Bombay.
    6. St. Dominic’s Church, Sarihajan, in the Diocese of Diphu.
    7. Our Lady of Guadaluppe, in the Diocese Bettiah

    The community of Priests: The live together, pray together and minister to the faithful as one community. The parish priest has a special role in giving a pastoral leadership. The parish community is built on the faith of the priests.

    1. The priests celebrate the Eucharist for the parish community.
    2. They proclaim the Word of God.
    3. They administer the sacraments.
    4. They reach out to people, by visiting the families, communion to the sick, guidance and counseling, praying for the people, supporting the needy, bringing back the lost, etc.
    5. They deepen and keep alive the faith of the faithful and encouraging the wayward.
    6. They organize the parish council and plan the programmes for the parish with the parish council.
    7. They also take up apostolate and ministries outside the parish, based on the charism and spirituality of the Order, such as teaching, preaching, training, renewal, seminars and programmes to uplift the people.

    The Community of People: It includes all the people who belong to the geographical territory of the parish. Some may also be from outside the geographical territory, but wish to be part of the parish community: friends of the parish.
    1. They are one community of the people of God. They are either baptized or catechumens waiting to be baptized.
    2. They come to the Parish Church for Sunday Liturgy and celebrations. To experience the parish community and participate in the Eucharistic Celebrations and are nourished by the Eucharist.
    3. During the week they participate in the SCC to be enlightened by the Word of God, and community apostolate and service.
    4. Every day they read the Word of God in their homes.
    5. Every day they have the family prayer: for “the family that prays together stays together.”
    6. They have devotions during the year: May Devotion – Rosary apostolate, Lenten Devotion, Advent Devotion, etc.
    7. They join a parish organization to serve the community.
    8. They participate in most the parish activities.
    9. They are guided by the parish council: the parish priest is the head of the parish council with the vice-president and all the members together form this council.
    10. The parish community aims to be sustained spiritually, nourished by the Eucharist, enlightened by the Word of God, supported by prayer and service, and grows towards an experience of God and an experience as thee people of God.

    The Parish Council: This is a core organization in the parish, which is comprised of